Keeping Your Yard Bright in the Fall

Just because your summer blooms have wilted doesn’t mean you have to settle for a dull yard this fall. You can maximize fall’s dramatic palate of colors with plants that have colorful blooms in the fall.

Here are some great plants and trees to add to your yard:

Asters – They come in a range of stunning colors, particularly pinks and purples, and there are more than 600 known species to choose from. Plant these in your existing perennial gardens, create a border garden or add them to a wildflower meadow mix to keep your garden blossoming and colorful well into fall.

Sugar Maple – This tree is a great, extra-reliable tree that makes a big statement in fall. It offers gorgeous red, orange, or yellow end-of-the-season leaves.

Burning Bush – This shrub is prized for its hardy constitution and brilliant fall foliage. It’s one of the first shrubs to change color in autumn, when its dark-green leaves become blazing red.

Chrysanthemum – There are about 20 species of chrysanthemums, which are prized for infusing the landscape with vibrant color long after other flowers fade. Their frost tolerance ensures a long and lovely show well into fall.

Japanese Maple – The unique form, delicate and often colorful leaves and smooth gray bark give Japanese maples year-round appeal.

Autumn Joy Sedum – Its blooms shine when gardens need color the most, becoming brighter as summer fades into autumn. Broccoli-shaped flower heads emerge light green in midsummer, but slowly deepen from light pink to burgundy

Indian Grass – This grass will add stunning greens, golden bronzes and warm blues to your garden throughout the year with little work.

Ornamental Cabbage – It has vivid colors and showy rosettes of fall foliage which makes a colorful border or ground cover.

Choosing versatile plants like these will add drama and color and keep your yard bright and cheerful all year long!