Give the Gift that Keeps on Growing!

What do you get for the dad that has everything? Any new gadget or tool that comes out, he has it. Instead of looking for something at the local hardware store, think big and long-term. Your dad may be a whiz at keeping the yard looking nice, but what if he had a customized plan to take his yard from good to great and be the envy of the neighbors?

A gift certificate from Greensketch can be just the thing for that special dad in your life that enjoys the outdoors. A professional landscape design makes a unique and thoughtful gift that will benefit your loved one for years to come. Treat your dad to a “Sketchportfolio,” which will give him a master plan for his yard at his fingertips.  The Sketchportfolio is a complete landscape design package which gives the proper design and installation skills to create a beautiful end result. The plan can be installed on his own terms in his own time frame.  If your dad would prefer for someone else to do some of the heavy lifting, the design is to scale and fully measurable, so a contractor can easily follow and implement the plan.

If your dad isn’t in need of a full design, but just ideas for a certain area of the yard, then a Consultation may be the answer. A Consultation will assist with any concerns, ideas, and suggestions regarding the home’s landscape. One hour with one of our experts can set your dad on the right track to beautify a particular place in his landscape.

A gift certificate from Greensketch will help take all the guesswork out of landscaping for your special dad. Give him a gift he can truly appreciate year after year. It’s the gift that keeps on growing!