Fall Reflections on Landscape

It seems like we were just planting our spring annuals yesterday and now the cooler weather is heading in for fall. This is the perfect time to reflect on your yard – what you liked, what you might change, how you’d like to expand.

Reflect on Color

Did you have color in your yard throughout the spring, summer and now fall? If not, you may want to add some perennials that will bloom at times of the year where you were missing out on color. Even just adding some red leafed accent shrubs will perk up your yard year round.

Reflect on Design

Are your plantings haphazard or do they provide a cohesive look for your yard? Do you have perennials that need to be divided and re-planted? Start by identifying the areas that are working in your yard and develop ideas from there. Next, consider your budget – does it allow you to add a new feature, adapt the existing garden or do a total makeover with new landscaping, plantings and hard elements? Even if money is tight, it’s still possible to breathe new life into an existing garden by making a few simple changes.

Reflect with a Plan

Working with a landscape design professional to create a plan for your yard will take out all the guesswork. Having an expert who knows what plants will work best in your environment and how to arrange them will give your yard a custom touch. Don’t wait until spring to create a plan. Fall is the perfect time while the weather is pleasant to get your plan together. Greensketch Concepts can help you reflect on your landscape and create a design that is easy to implement, yet makes a dramatic impact on your yard.