Guest Post: The Best Flowers for Allergy Sufferers by Chad Kremp of Kremp Florist

Flowers make great gifts because they look nice and are fragrant. But there are many people around the world who are allergic to flowers, which would seem to eliminate them from getting flowers as gifts. Luckily for allergy sufferers who appreciate the beauty of flowers, there are types of flowers that will not trigger allergic reactions and would act as wonderful gifts. If you get a little creative, you can find flower arrangements using these flowers that can be given to anyone as a gift for any occasion. Use this comprehensive resource as your guide to putting together gifts that offer beauty to anyone’s life.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are not only beautiful, but they will last for a very long time. There are silk versions of just about every real flower available, which would allow you to put together an impressive bouquet. You can get silk flowers that come with a fragrance that reminds people of the real flowers, but that may be risky for someone who has serious allergies. You should probably just keep things simple and use silk flowers as a very beautiful and permanent gift.


Hostas are popular for their look as well as the fact that they are great for people who have allergies. They have large white and gold petals with smaller flowers on the inside. The smaller flowers can be an off-white or a pale version of violet. The hosta has almost no scent and makes an ideal gift for allergy sufferers.


Some of the flowers that work well for allergy sufferers are extremely popular, and that includes the hydrangea. The hydrangea provides a burst of color are are usually found in pink, blue, or white, though they are sometimes seen in orange, yellow, and purple. You can give a hydrangea bouquet, or you can plant a hydrangea bush for an allergy sufferer and let them enjoy the look of this popular plant.

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