Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall is one the best times of year to be outside. It’s not too wet, too hot or too cold. The air is crisp and the colors are gorgeous. While you are out enjoying the weather, it’s a good time to get your yard in shape before the winter cold. A little preparation now will pay off in the spring.

Here are some tips to keep your landscaping in order:

Prune your perennials
Flowering perennials will generally die back to the ground in the fall, leaving dead tops. Don’t let the dead parts wither over the winter. Cut them back so the plants will focus their energy on new blooms for next year. Also remove any damaged stalks and dead areas.

Divide and multiply
Your daylilies and black-eyed Susans may have only taken a small space when you first planted them, but now they have overgrown the flower bed. Fall is the perfect time to divide your abundant perennials and plant them in other areas of your yard. Dig up the root completely and re-plant them immediately in another area. Be sure to water the relocated plants thoroughly and often so they will take root.

Label your perennials
Sure you can identify your hostas when they are blooming, but when they fade away in the winter, you may forget that they were even there. Develop a system to label or record where all your perennials are, so you don’t accidentally dig them up or plant something on top of them. Take a picture of your landscape each year, so you can reference it whenever you are thinking about adding a new plant.

Trim and water trees and shrubs
Now is the time to prune branches and trim your trees and shrubs. They will also need a big drink to make it through the winter. You might be surprised to learn that winter is actually a drought season. With the frozen ground, not much moisture reaches the roots of trees and shrubs. Use a soaker hose to give your trees and shrubs a long and deep watering.

You won’t work up too much of a sweat with this little bit of yard work, but you will be glad you did it come spring. While you are working, think about what sort of garden you would like for next year. Consider what you enjoyed most and least about your yard and go from there. Now is a great time to sit down with us for a sketch, so you can design and budget now for your masterpiece in the spring.

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